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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Basic Requirements
A quick survey of curricular requirements for programs in computer science at a number of the country’s top colleges and universities reveals a wide spectrum of possibilities for our proposed curriculum, from a ten course minor in computer science to a twenty-five course intensive major in the field along with an interdisciplinary concentration. (See, for example, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, Stanford and Columbia, or the comp-sci page for a college or university near you.)
Our proposed curriculum will attempt to stake out a space between those two poles, and aim for a program that consists of about 15 courses: 3 introductory classes, 7 core classes and 5 electives. The required topics and themes of a generic computer science degree program are fairly easy to distill from the comparison: introduction to the field, data structures, algorithms, programming languages, operating systems, networking, data communications, systems engineering, software development, and so on.  Our program will consist of university or college level courses from around the world that cover our basic requirements and are freely available in full online.
Note: I have, unfortunately, not watched every single video from all of the courses below.  However, I have completed three of them in full, viewed a handful lectures from a number of the other courses, and spot checked the videos from the rest for quality.
Introductory Courses
Intro to Computer Science, pick two of three:
Basic mathematics, pick one of two:
Core Courses
Data Structures and Algorithms, pick one of two: Operating Systems: Programming Languages and Methodologies: Computer Architecture: Networking: Data Communications: Cryptography and Security:
Web Development: Data Structures: Systems: Programming Languages: Security: Cryptography: App Development: Artificial Intelligence: Graphics: Math: Leave any suggestions for improvements or additions in the comments!

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