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Wednesday, January 8, 2014



First, watch Aidan destroy these guitar solos during the heavy metal band's recent performance at Kansas City's Midland Theatre in Missouri. The sixth-grader joined the outlandish rockers on the songs "You Really Got Me" and "Eruption," and the video of their jam session has since gone viral, amassing over a million views on YouTube.

Aidan was invited on stage with the band after a chance encounter with guitarist Satchel in an elevator.

"We were in the elevator at the hotel and the guitar player walked in and we showed him our sign, and asked for an autograph," Aiden tells us. His sign challenged Satchel to a guitar solo. "He said he could bring me on stage instead of getting an autograph."

Little did the rock stars know they were about to be upstaged by a preteen virtuoso. After getting a taste of Aidan's talents, the band and the young musician played on… and on and on.

"I felt like I wanted to be a rock star and this is what I want to do for life," Aidan says, noting he was nervous at first, but quickly warmed to the crowd.


Aidan has been playing guitar for three years, starting on the instrument at the age of 8, practicing daily and taking lessons. He credits his phenomenal drive to "listening to awesome music," and lists Van Halen, Rush and Led Zeppelin as some of his favorite artists. He also plays bass in his middle school band.

The Nebraska native says his goal now is to pretty much take over the world.

He remarks, "I want to start a Van Halen tribute band and make our own songs and albums and become really big."


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