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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jacklyn H. Lucas


Getting into barfights, punching cops in the face, and surviving an attack from a hitman his second wife hired to have him killed (apparently she and the Japanese didn't get the memo that this man was too badass for conventional weaponry).

He even kept his promise to his mother and went back to finish school when he got back from the war. He attended the first day of 9th grade wearing his medal of honor!


  • Lies about his age to enlist without underage and without permission.
  • Deserts just to get to the action faster.
  • Jumps on one grenade, then pulls another under him, survives.
  • Undergoes 21 surgeries, still has 200 pieces of metal in him.
  • Rejoins the military 20 years later to conquer his fear of heights.
  • Survived a training jump in which both his parachutes did not open and recovered fast enough to be combat ready to be shipped off to combat

After the war, Lucas went home and fulfilled his promise to his mother to finish school, attending his first day of Ninth Grade with his Medal of Honor around his neck. He finished college, went on a USO speaking tour, was married three times, survived his second wife's attempt to hire a hitman to murder him (she hadn't got the message from the Japanese that this guy was impervious to conventional weapons), and then, at age 40, decided to get over his fear of heights by enlisting in the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper. On his first training jump, both parachutes failed to open. As his team leader astutely pointed out, "Jack was the last one out of the plane and the first one on the ground."

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  1. pretty sure this guy faked his own death and changed name to Chuck Norris


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