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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pepsi showing poor sport humour and ability to follow through with its contest withdraws competition for new pepsi name after "hitler did nothing wrong" came number 1

A screenshot of the

Nine MSN

Soft drink giant Pepsi has taken down a website where customers could vote on the name of their new flavour after it was swamped with internet pranksters.

The "Dub the Dew" marketing campaign asked users to suggest names for its new green apple flavoured Mountain Dew.

Users of the infamous online forum 4chan quickly took up the challenge, overwhelming the campaign with votes for names such as "Diabeetus", "Moist Nugget" and "Fapple".

The site was taken down and voting was disabled after the name "Hitler did nothing wrong" topped the list, Hypervocal reports.

While 4chan is best known for its acts of mischief, or trolling, the community has also earned a vigilante reputation.


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