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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray at ThinkGeek
The Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray at ThinkGeek, much like the Star Wars themed ice cube trays, allows you to create a frozen piece of the Portal video game universe, in the shape of Companion Cube. It is available to purchase at ThinkGeek. We have previously written about ThinkGeek and their online store that is packed full of geeky gear.
You found yourself some water, which was surprisingly difficult, but it’s warm. Hot, actually, because it came from a cooling tank for the incinerator. The incinerator reminds you of your old friend Companion Cube. While you’re reminiscing, GLaDOS calls out and says she has a surprise for you. She leads you to the freezer and shows you something that brings a tear to your eyes: a tray of Companion Ice Cubes. Your drink won’t scald you any longer and you finally have a friend at the party.
Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray at ThinkGeek
Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray at ThinkGeek
images via ThinkGeek


ice batman 470x471 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
The Dark Knight's bat-logo


ice brain 470x470 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Not as squishy as the real thing


ice bullets 470x363 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Best part: when closed, the tray is identical to an AK-47's magazine


ice centipede 470x470 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Only included this one 'cause that kid freaks me out


ice chess 470x424 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
You can actually play Chess with these, but only for speed rounds!

Dinosaur Bones

ice dinosaur 470x470 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
T-Rex and Triceratops

Doctor Who

ice doctorwho 470x470 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Includes: Dalek, K-9, the TARDIS, Cyberman, and the Eccleston/Tennant series logo


ice gun 470x470 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Shaken, not stirred

Han Solo in Carbonite

ice hansolocarbonite 470x287 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
C'mon, you saw this one coming, right?

LEGO Brick

ice legobrick 470x318 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Look almost good enough to build with

LEGO Minifig

ice legominifig 470x344 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
LEGO Minifig, aka LEGO guy, aka Miniman

Marvel Heroes

ice marvel 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Can't make them all out, but I see Cap's shield and Iron Man in there

Mickey Mouse

ice mickeymouse 470x485 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
The corporate logo to end all corporate logos


ice pacman 470x336 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Every arcade should have these


ice pi 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
The mathematician's ice cube


ice pirates 470x330 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Skull & Crossbones


ice r2d2 470x332 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Best. Ice. EVER.


ice robots 470x426 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Robots, complete with wind-up key

Space Invaders

ice spaceinvaders 470x333 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Space Invaders


ice stewie 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Stewie from Family Guy


ice superman 470x472 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Superman (not available until November 2011)


ice swords 470x336 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Add a little swashbuckle to your beverage


ice tetris 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
Tetris ice cube tray

Toy Story Alien

ice toystory 470x470 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
The green aliens from the Toy Story movies

UFOs and Asteroids

ice ufo 470x359 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
UFOs and Asteroids

Vampire Fangs

ice fangs 470x470 28 Geeky Ice Cubes
True Ice


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