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Friday, July 20, 2012

All information here has been independently gathered and aggregated. Accuracy, clarity, and transparency have been the main goals - but any postings (unless official police or hospital releases) should be taken at your own discretion


Aurora PD info number: 303-627-3100; family support: call 303-873-5292 or 720-848-2626

CrisisLine9: 303-698-0999

Realtime Google coverage: here

JOIN: #theatreshooting on

Other posts: first; second; third; fourth; fifth

Editor: /u/nilicule

5:26: /u/drunkenkyle: 9News hopes that there will be a camera in the courtroom on Monday at 8:30 AM MDT. Judge later confirms it. (/u/nilicule)

5:30: /u/nilicule: ThinkGeek blog post from earlier today

nilicule taking over for integ3r again for a bit

5:55 Aurora theater shooting: Police and fire department scanner traffic audio archive

5:59 Law enforcement sources say situation at Colorado gunman's apartment will last through the weekend.

6:01 Residents evacuated from apartments near theater shooting suspect's home allowed back in to get belongings. Evacuees of the following residences will be permitted to return to their apartments to pick up emergency items such as medicine, baby items, etc.: 11948 East 17th Avenue 1686 Paris Street 1685 Paris Street 1678 Paris Street. Evacuees should meet at Paris Elementary School (1635 Paris Street) at 7PM MDT. They should bring their identification. Everyone will be escorted by Police Officers and will have a limited amount of time to gather these items. No children will be permitted inside of the building.

6:13 The latest information on the Century 16 Movie Theater shooting is listed at this page

6:13 Aurora Mental Health has a counseling drop-in site open 24 hours/day this weekend at 11059 East Bethany Dr. Ste. 200., Aurora.

6:14 Coroners office says families will be notified of the dead at 8pm

6:15 Stories of bravery begin to come out after Batman movie massacre

6:20 Psychologists speculate about mental state of suspect

6:23 Aurora Police have scheduled a press conference for 9p Eastern

6.25 The death penalty is a reality for the suspect, even though only 1 person has been executed in Colorado since 1977

6.27 Yurivictor posts gruesome photo of theater back door

6:29 Vehicles left at Century 16 will not be able to get their cars after 7PM tonight.

6.35 Roger Ebert adds his thoughts about the tragedy

7.06 Colorado Governor says 70 people shot , not 71.

7.06 Colorado Governor: 11 still in critical condition ; 30 in hospital overall.

7.07 Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes in court in Colorado on Monday, 09:30 local time - court officials

7.08 Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper: 70 total casualties in theater shooting; as of 3:30 pm MT, 11 in critical condition

7.09 Latest updates from Aurora officials

7.10 Aurora, Colorado Police Chief: Last of bodies removed from theatre after 5pm local time.

7.11 Press conference: Suspect purchased 3000 rounds .223, 3000 rounds of .40, 300 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun. Multiple magazines bought over the internet, including a 100 round drum magazine.

7.12 Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Confirmed list of the 10 deceased should be available within the next hour. 70 peoplemet with police and others at 4pm local -- those 70 have loved ones unaccounted for

7.14 Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Five apartment buildings evacuated, including apartment building of the suspect. Officials are waiting for support from government before proceeding after finding jars of liquids, jars of mortar rounds.

7.15 Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Suspect was origininally hailing from Riverside, CA.

7.18 Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Tip line is open at 720.913.STOP

7.18 Community information number: 303.739.1862

7.18 Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: There will be a prayer vigil at 6.30pm on Sunday

7.18 Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: If we had information about a motive, we would not share it with the press

7.20 Suspect is being held in Arapahoe Co. jail; booking mug will not be released, police chief says

7.21 Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: "They rushed people out of that theatre into police cars. Our cops went through a lot.". Chief visibly and understandably emotional, well being of officer is a priority as well.

7.23 Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Suspect has an attorney

7.28 Shelter is open at #loc Aurora Central HS 11700 E 11th Ave Aurora

7.34 The Denver Post posts an interactive timeline

7.40 Warner Bros cancels personal appearances of Dark Knight cast and crew at Mexico and Japan premieres.

7.41 Jessica Gawhi's mom shares last text from her minutes before she died

Confirmed victims: [1] Veronica Moser (6), [2] AJ Boik (18), Micayla Medek (23), Jessica Ghawi (24), Alex Teves (24), [3] Jon Blunk (26), CT3, USN [4] John Larimer (27), Alex Sullivan (27), Matt McQuinn (27), US Air Force Staff Sgt. [5] Jesse Childress (29), [6] Rebecca Wingo (32), Gordon Cowden (51)

Please keep them in your thoughts. Find somewhere to donate [7] here.

Aurora PD info number: 303-627-3100. For family support, call 303-873-5292 or 720-848-2626. CrisisLine9: 303-698-0999

Realtime Google coverage: [8] here

[9] IRC: #theatreshooting on

Posts: [10] 1 [11] 2 [12] 3 [13] 4 [14] 5 [15] 6 [16] 7 [17] 8 [18] 9 [19] 10 [20] 11

12:24: [21] /u/xPoPHD, from Las Vegas, NV: "When I went to see TDKR yesterday, there was a worker checking [exit doors] and I thought it was kind of funny because I doubt someone would do the same exact thing [as the shooter]."

12:39: [22] /u/yutfree: A [23] first-hand account from the blog of someone at the shooting. [24] And another one.

1:18: More slow news.

1:30: Some more recap posts from [25] /u/legalize_meth:

  • New details about Jessica Ghawi's [26] final moments

  • A man saw Holmes getting a scope installed on his gun on July 1. He had pink hair and was [27] acting out of it.

  • Man describes from his hospital bed him and his friend getting shot [28] by the killer

  • Bag checks at theatres [29] in the UK

  • Another victim's story emerges. Man shot but tries to help woman and her child [30] during the ordeal.

  • Victim shares his story [31] from hospital bed.

  • Some stories about people being evacuated from the suspect's apartment building [32] that night

  • 11 people still in critical condition. 6 members of military injured in shooting. 7 Red Robin [33] employees

  • Jessica Ghwai's brother and friend talk about her [34] to the media

  • Alex Sullivan's father releases statement [35] about his son

  • More background information about the [36] suspect

1:55: [37] /u/lurkeralurking: [38] Multiple things removed from Holmes' apartment.

2:41: Slow news right now. [39] /u/hanz333: [40] Article about second person of interest posted on Twitchy. TMZ[41] reports a potential profile ([42] /u/ohmylordylord). The TMZ post is WAY unconfirmed and may be inaccurate for what we know now.

3:06: [43] /u/lurkeralurking: Suspect's [44] car being towed from the theatre. Asks, "what's with all the tape?"


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