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Friday, June 15, 2012

During a local festival in one of the remote areas in the Northeastern India, the enthusiasm and energy of the crowd was replaced by terror and panic as the residents were said to be attacked by swarms of giant spiders which “suddenly descended from nowhere and started biting people”.

tarantula2 500x329 Poisonous Spiders Invade Indian Village picture

Scientists weren’t able to identify the spiders but they said that the insects resembled those of the previously unknown species of tarantula. They also added that the tarantulas which reside in the region are not poisonous.

Jintu Gogoi, a local resident, said that the “festive mood turned into panic”. He added, “People bumped into each other and tripped over empty benches trying to escape.” The people who were bitten experienced and suffered from nausea, extreme pain, and shock. One resident even said that after his finger was bitten, it turned black and swollen.  A middle aged man and a male teenager also died from the incident even after they were rushed to the hospital.

Health officials, however, strongly believe that the death of the two people was due to medical malpractice and not because of the spider’s venomous poison.

Meanwhile, the real reason behind the death of the two people was not discovered because their bodies were ‘traditionally cremated’ so doing an autopsy was not made possible.

According to Dr. Anil Phapowali, the others who were also attacked that day were treated and survived by giving them antibiotics frequently. Also, local witch doctors say that using razor blades to drain the wounds that cause infections was what they did to the other attacked people.

After the incident, the local residents were advised to stay indoors and monitor their mud-and-thatch huts often. Also, spraying insecticide around the area was encouraged by the local officials as part of the precautionary measures.


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