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Friday, June 29, 2012

The world's first heated butter knife

Cutting edge ... the world's first heated knife Solent News & Photo Agency Published: 28th June 2012

THIS is the world’s first knife with a HEATED blade, designed to solve the age old problem of spreading cold butter.

A button on the handle heats the knife to 41.8 degrees Celsius — which has been proven to be the optimum butter-spreading temperature.

Researchers created the knife with bread baker Warburtons after a survey found it is the most desired breakfast innovation.

Butter not spreading properly is one of our top five breakfast nuisances along with burnt toast and cold tea, a poll said.

The world's first heated butter knife

Hot knife ... spreading issues will be a thing of the past

Solent News & Photo Agency

The survey of 3,000 people revealed 1 per cent of Brits — all of them men — have even resorted to heating the spread with a hair dryer to combat the problem.

The new knife will perfectly cover a slice in butter in less than 30 seconds.

Stuart Jones, from Warburtons, said: “We’ve fine-tuned the knife’s specifications to ensure the speediest heat-up and perfect temperature for spreading and we’re thrilled with how well it works.

“It made complete sense to develop a tool to help busy Brits achieve the perfect even-spread on their toast, even when using butter straight from the fridge.

“Baking is a blend of expert craft and science and to make the perfect piece of toast it is essential to use a good-quality loaf that offers butterability.”

The baker has yet to set a date for production.


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