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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Broken pole repaired by China's Telecom with adhesive tapes

Recently, a pole with telecommunication cables was knocked down by some vehicle inside a public park in Guilin city of southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, but China’s state-owned telecommunication company only used the company’s adhesive tapes and some iron wires to bind the broken parts together.

The customer service center of the company explained that the administrative office of the public park asked for a high cost for replacing the pole, so their maintainers held up the pole with the wires and tapes temporarily.

They also added that they have worked to negotiate with the park’s administrative office for an earlier replacement of the pole.

The company’s adhesive tapes were used only as a warning signal.” And responding to the hidden danger, the customer service center argued, “The pole won’t fall down, because it is not overburdened and the cables above keep its balance too.

The broken pole has been erected like that at the park for a while, and its photos have been widespread on Chinese major BBS forums too, causing quite a stir.

A netizen joked, “The tape is in very good quality!! I would like to buy some of them home, and wind it around our jerry-built building.

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