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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hugefamily2 The World’s Largest Family: 181 Live in 100 Room House picturehouse2 The World’s Largest Family: 181 Live in 100 Room House picture

Meet the world’s largest family, who presides in Baktwang, India, and lives in a four-story house with 100 rooms.

The head of the family is Ziona Chana, a construction worker, and the 181 members of his family include: him, 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren.

Ziona’s youngest child is five years old and the 67-year-old family head insists that he is blessed.

“I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the world’s largest family,” he told the media.

There is a hierarchy of command reminiscent of military training at the family’s 100-room, four-story home.

First wife, Zathiangi, 71, organizes all the others when it comes to household chores. All of the wives in the family have to take turns sleeping in Ziona’s double bed, which has proven to be an extremely fertile sleeping place.

Ziona belongs to and is the leader of the Christian Chana sect, which includes some 4,000 followers and permits polygamy. His marriages seem to be almost noble, as many of his wives were formerly poor and orphaned village women.

Apart from the gargantuan task of doing the laundry, can you imagine mealtime at this household?


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