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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Womans brain while orgasming

What does a woman’s brain look like while she’s having an orgasm?

Apparently, its like a multi-layered, multicoloured abstract or neon sign that flashes on and off. Or so an animated video of a woman’s brain as she reaches orgasm using brain scan images reveals.

VIDEO: Watch a woman’s brain as she approaches, reaches and recovers from an orgasm.

It’s all part of research to understand how the brain and sexuality work, said Barry Komisaruk, a psychology professor at Rutgers University who presented the video at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington.

Nan Wise

“Her first post-graduate work at Rutgers University was in the field of neuroscience which she says is her "first love." While earning an M.S.W. in Social Work, she continued to read and study independently in neuroscience, a discipline which heavily influences her work, especially the creation of the Desire Curve. Then in 2007 she was invited by Dr. Barry Komisaruk and Dr. Beverly Whipple (co-authors of The Science of Orgasm) to be a co-investigator on their prestigious fMRI brain scan studies on orgasm and pain.”


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