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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Doodle Tablecloth Main ImageWorks for D&DPre-Dinner Doodling


  • Encourage your wee geek’s creativity
  • Comes with 8 wash-out fabric markers
  • May work for RPGs, too (see below for details)
  •

$49.99 (save 20%) On Sale

Draw on it with markers! Wash it out!

Anyone with kids knows that they love to draw on stuff with markers. In fact, our copywriter monkey once ruined her mother’s brand new bedspread with a bright red Crayola. (In her defense, it did look better with red!) Since your wee geeks are going to express themselves creatively - and we want to encourage them to be creative! - why not spring for a tablecloth that lets them draw all over the dining room table?

The Doodle Tablecloth is pre-shrunk 100% cotton and is printed to look like a giant piece of graph paper, complete with printed lines, holes, and red margins. It comes with eight wash-out fabric markers. Get your kiddos excited about dinner by having them draw placemats for each member of the family. Doodle the vegetables that will be tried that evening (one bite, just one bite!). No matter what gets doodled on the tablecloth, it all washes out in the Hot cycle of your washing machine, so you can start with a clean piece of paper the next evening.

Special Note to Roleplaying Gamers: The Doodle Tablecloth was designed by parents, who sadly must not have been gamers. However, the smallest squares are 0.4in, so a 2x2 square is ALMOST the 1in you would need for your standard RPG battle map. If you’re super picky, it probably won’t work for you. But if you’re a go-with-the-flow kind of GM, this may be the green solution to your game mapping needs!

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 6 and Up
  • Cotton tablecloth that looks just like a sheet of graph paper
  • Draw on it with the included fabric pens - it washes out!
  • Gets kids excited about family dinner time
  • Made of 100% cotton, pre-shrunk
  • 8 wash-out fabric markers included (Other washable markers should work, but we recommend testing them in an inconspicuous area and double-checking that they come out in the wash before you go hog wild.)
  • Washes out in the Hot cycle of your washing machine (washes perfectly at 30C)
  • Smallest square measures 0.4in, semi-dark lines every 2in, dark lines every 4in
  • Dimensions: approx 6 feet x 5 feet


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