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Saturday, August 20, 2011


In surprising Minecraft news, Mojang Studios announced today that they have just released the first Alpha iteration of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, exclusively for Sony Xperia Play Owners.

For you lucky Xperia owners, the game should now appear on the Android Marketplace (the game is invisible to other phone users browsing for Android apps) and will cost $6.99. Mojang has also stated that there are plans in the very near future to bring the game to other Android phone platforms, as well as the announced iOS version known to be in development.

Mojang continues to say, in a similar fashion to the PC version of Minecraft, that the pocket edition is a work in progress. It will receive gradual updates to eventually improve the experience and add new features. At launch, the game has randomized world features, save games, and local area multiplayer.


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