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Friday, August 5, 2011

Minecraft, the DIY indie game and storming commercial success, has raked in an estimated £20 million, yet its creator, Markus Persson, says he avoids looking at the bulging account and gets "a normal salary these days".

Speaking in response to a question in a Reddit threat, Persson said Minecraft has made "a lot", adding, "It all ends up in an account somewhere, and I try not to look at it."

Click to view larger imageYou'd imagine Lamborghini spending sprees, but a humble Persson says "I get a normal salary these days for day to day stuff, but there's a big pile somewhere."
Breaking down the game's earnings, Persson says: "The game sold about 800,000 copies at 9.95 euro and then so far 1 million more at 14.95 euro. Paypal takes a cut, there are taxes, and such, but it's still a huge wad of money."
Huge wad is an understatement. As Gamasutra notes, the official Mincraft site says there are over 1.86 million registered users who bought the game, which Gama estimates forked out a total €23 million in revenue (£20m, $33m).
Minecraft sales exploded late last year and had sold a million copies by January this year.


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