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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A new disturbing trend in China involves skillful pickpockets who operate across the nation and congregate in bustling market places where they can move freely and undetected. But this new breed of pirate does not use his (or her) fingers to pilfer wallets and such. Chopsticks (kuaizi) are the pilfering tools of the day and they are very effective in lifting mobile phones and wallets from unsuspecting passersby.

chopthief Chopstick Thieves: Good Pickings picture

Caught on surveillance, the deft technique is as brazen as it gets, as every move is captured on tape. Those thieves caught on camera have been seen targeting marketplaces and bus stops where commuters are preoccupied with getting to and from work. News footage captures their easy and precise strike, which is always from behind the intended mark.

This technique is not limited to Hangzhou in the eastern part of China where news footage captured these thieves at work. It is so effective that it has been reported in other regions as well.

Although not available in English, the dramatic video below clearly illustrates how these bold bandits use their notorious talents.  Watch it, but hang onto your wallets!


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