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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LEAGUE CITY, Texas -- A woman was arrested at a strip club Tuesday night after her newborn baby was missing, officials said.

Micah Ashley Alford, 26, from League City, was apprehended on a probation violation at Ritz Cabaret, where she was applying for a job, investigators said.

Galveston County Precinct 8 deputy constables said they received information that Alford delivered a baby five days ago, which she ultimately confirmed. Deputies said Alford had a warrant out for her arrest because her probation was revoked. They said she failed a drug test when she was 5 months pregnant.

When deputies asked Alford where her baby was while she was dancing, she refused to tell them, officials said.

Shortly after police put out an alert for the baby, two women called saying they had him.

They told investigators another woman gave them the baby and he had no milk or diapers at that time, but they went and bought those items. The women then agreed to meet officers at the Academy parking lot on Edgebrook and the Gulf Freeway to hand over the infant, who was fine.

Officers had been searching for the newborn for four days.

Records show that this is Alford's fourth child and that the other three were taken away by Child Protective Services.

According to police officers and, Alford has prior charges of DWI, child endangerment and child abandonment.

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