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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(then suddenly BOOM HEADSHOT)

A 29-year-old Good Samaritan is fighting for his life after being shot early today while he and his family were feeding a formerly homeless man in Oakland, Calif., according to news reports.

The unidentified man, known as "Brother John," was shot in the head by someone in a passing vehicle about 12:30 a.m. as he, his 35-year-old wife and daughters ages 3 and 7 were serving fish, fries and soda from their van, the Oakland Tribune reports. The family has been serving home-cooked meals to the poor and homeless in East Oakland for about a year.

The man is on life support and listed in critical condition. A bullet grazed the wife's shoulder; the children were not hurt.

The wife told police she and her husband were ministers at a local congregation.

The 61-year-old man they were feeding, whom the Tribuneidentified only as William out of concern for his safety, said the family had befriended him more than a year ago. He was not hurt when the gunman opened fire.

"There was not one word," said William, a former construction worker who had been homeless but recently found work. "All those shots, I had to duck. (The victim) didn't have time to duck. The kids and the wife were screaming and hollering."

"He didn't have to come here and do this," he said. "There ain't too many people who would. He might lose his life helping people in the street."

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