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Thursday, July 14, 2011

In Yunnan, China, in the forests of Yingpin Moiuntain, mushrooms the size of small boulders strangely thrive. They weigh more than two pounds, and mushroom-picker, Zhao, took his impressive discovery to the local farmers’ market where they created quite a stir (but no stir-fry).

emushroom The Next Big Thing: China’s Giant Forest Mushrooms picture

These enormous fungi bear some similarity to the common Mapibao mushroom except for their weight, which sets them apart. As indicated by the video below, these mushrooms are large than a child’s head and no one can explain their unusual size and if this affects their taste and/or intentions.

“I came from Yingpan Mountain. I found them in the primeval forest. I felt weird…I’d never seen such a thing. I showed them to two old men, and they didn’t know them either. “Mushrooms, the size of small boulders…”

The forest holds many secrets and who can say what specific set of environmental circumstances created these mammoth mushrooms. How edible they may be is another story yet to be determined.

One can only wonder:

What if these guys don’t like being ingredients for stir-fry, which is the fate of most mushrooms found in China?

These fungi can fight back!


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