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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seven escape alive from house fire

On July 29th, around 6:30 in the morning, Allana Hudson, 21, claims to have woken up to the smell of smoke.

Allana then went to investigate the kitchen and discovered that a wall behind the stove was on fire.

According to the Galesburg Register Mail, Allana alerted the rest of the household but did not believe her two babies, a 2-month and a 1-year-old, could make it through the smoke.

Her cousin, George Hudson, 25, took action, escaping from an upstairs window, bouncing off a window awning to the concrete driveway below.

Allana and her friend Kristan Cooper dropped the two babies from the window. George safely caught both infants.

With her children out of danger, Allana jumped from the window, fracturing her foot.

At this time, a Templeton Roofing Truck happened to pass by. The roofer provided a ladder for Cooper to escape from the second story. According to the Central Illinois News Center, the unknown roofer then left the scene to go to work.

Meanwhile, Allana’s uncle, William Hudson, was trapped in the basement.

After securing the safety of the children, George kicked down the locked side door to free William.

However, the family was not in the clear yet. Allana’s 70-year-old grandmother, Ester Hammond, was still trapped inside the house. William then took over for George, returning to the home to rescue his mother Ester.

This all allegedly happened during the three minutes from when the Galesburg Fire Department was called to when they arrived.

The babies and the grandmother have since been released from the hospital.

The house was not insured, but the Central Illinois News Center says that Red Cross is assisting the victims.


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