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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

That old saying about being saved by the bell needs some alteration, at least for one family of five living in Tripur district, Coimbatore, India.

In a truly bizarre incident beyond customary practices and traditions, the family traveled to a police station and attempted to set themselves on fire after pouring gasoline all over themselves. It seem the lack of planning and foresight saved their lives, as they remembered to bring the kerosene but left the matchbox at home.

They went near the police station to do this horrible thing because they had just demanded the arrest of a man who allegedly promised to marry a 17-year-old family member, but abandoned her soon after discovering she was pregnant.

The girl, her two sisters and her parents had all come to the spot near the police station at Palladam in Tirupur district to end their own lives, horribly and painfully. It is likely that they would have gone through the plan had they not forgotten to bring matches.

Passersby saw what they were doing and quickly alerted the police, who easily overpowered the distressed family. They also registered a complaint against the man in question. The girl’s parents informed authorities that they had been unable to trace him and that the family was shamed and dishonored by his cowardly actions.

We are all accustomed to the admonishment about not playing with matches, but sometimes not bringing them along is an even better idea.


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