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Friday, June 17, 2011

A 28-year-old private school teacher is facing up to three years in jail after being accused of sexually molesting one of her students.

Colette Phelps is said to be 'deeply embarrassed' by the charges, which came to light after school chiefs received a tip off.

Phelps is alleged to have molested a 14 year old boy, carrying out 'lewd and lascivious acts'.

Investigators believe the sexual relationship between Phelps and the student began on April 10 and continued until June 1.

Phelps, who has been a teacher at the private Stratford Middle School in San Jose, California, for five years, has been placed on an indefinite leave of absence, according to the school's founder, Sherry Adams.

Phelps' Facebook page says she is a specialty course teacher, graduated from Los Gatos High School in 2000 and studied music at Chapman University.

She lists her favourite 'sports' as shopping and fist pumping.

Phelps did not enter a plea when she appeared before a court to face two charges of lewd behaviour.

Her lawyer Steven Clark said she was 'deeply embarrassed' by the charges.

Mr Clark said he would present evidence that Phelps had a medical issue that could have played a part in the alleged abuse.

Heres a few more incidents


  1. Oh my god, I laughed out loud at her favorite 'sports'. I'm just going to say 'Niiiiiice', & leave it at that.

  2. {Hot teacher "Deeply embarrassed" that she was caught screwing a 14 year old student. Student deserves a Hero Tag}

    Have u bitches ever heard "EVERYONE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!"


    Publicly humiliating her wont help affect her trial

    A**holes like u ESPECIALLY wont do anything useful

    After her trial say anything u want everything will be set and stone

    until then

    F**k off


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