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Saturday, June 18, 2011
As usual comment below what you think weither you found a game to be shit or if you loved it, if the links dont work, ect. have fun playing!

Guide to installing Games and programs

You will need a torrent downloading program I use uTorrent because its basic and works well nothing extra like the others. heres links to the websites

1. Unpack release (.rar)
2. Mount image or burn it (Power ISO 4.8 or Demon tools)
3. Install
4.Turn off antivirus/antispyware because they will always detect patches and keygens as a viris because of the nature of how they work
5.Copy the cracked content/Apply patch/Run keygen
6.Play the game

always check comments to see if its legitimate source if you are searching for it yourself, that the dates correct for it to be out, that there are a decent number of seeders and that the quality is reasonable enough before downloading.

Alice Madness Returns

Looks like an awesome game going to play it soon



Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Scary ass puzzle game







Grand Theft Auto IV

Whats not to love about running around with a chainsaw killing people getting the cops attention then getting out a bazooka and seeing how long you can hold off
Grand Theft Auto IV







Duke nukem Forever

Its taken 12 years and its not as good as expected but at least they finally released it the graphics are okay he says the right things there are some funny weird things you can do like fling poop around and draw a penis on the white board.







Project Zomboid

Zombie Survival game worlds turned to shit zombies everywhere your wife's leg is broken and bleeding aaaaaaaand go. what will you do? shoot her? leave her and raid the neighbours place? Bandage and splint up her leg and look after her?



Torrent here

Portal 2

The sexiest most awesome game you could play after portal 1 Great story, great graphics, same style of puzzles, awesome vocals and commentary.







Everyone seems to be loving this game leave the rating up to you







Minecraft 1.6.5

Awesome fun building game. the point of minecraft is up to you do you want to make a gient castle of stone with traps all around it then turn the settings up to hard and kill everything that comes towards you? will you play casual and make a replica of a building or object (someone made a scale of the earth and scaled creation of startreak ship as well look on youtube for the crazy fun things people have done in this game)

Remove UC pre-installed, just move the .minecraft folder into appdata/roaming (start menu/run/appdata)
Make a copy of the minecraft.exe on the desktop and your good to go.
(Note. If you already have a .minecraft folder, just delete the contents and replace with the new ones)
If you get this message on initial launch,
"could not find the main class: net.minecraft.LauncherFrame. Program will exit."
just disregard the message and try again (this will happen occasionally, most often after adding a new mod). You may need to try 3 or 4 times, but it will work.
Demonoid download

Buy from here

Fallout New Vegas

Great game for a beta (its not but it might as well be its obviously been rushed out without proper testing)very glitchy though. good graphics good story lots of things you can do.
image for FNV-SKIDROW






Total War Shogun 2

Haven’t played it rating is up to you








Fable III

I found it to be a rather lame repetitive game just spam shoot fireball till everything dies. acting is okay mostly but I found fable 2 to be much better then this.






Dungeon Siege 3

I hear its a rather shit game that the camera is at the wrong angle, the keys are stupidly arranged with no way to change it and that the voice acting is horrible.
??/10 haven’t played this game yet





Dragon Age Intermission

Dragon Age 2 or as it actually is Dragon age Intermission waste of time to play, waste of money, they didnt even bother hiding just how shit it is you play in the same rooms enter a house bam same room leave go into another house bam same room. Fighting is exactly the same every time kil kill kill wow all done WTF a ground spawns behind you over and over and over and over and over.

Edit: Updated and changed date to bring to top

1 comment:

  1. My favorites on this list have got to be Minecraft, Portal 2 and GTA IV. All such great games I'd recommend to anyone. As for the rest I haven't played any.


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