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Monday, June 20, 2011
It damn well underground. ...have traps leading up to it. ...have someone narrating your way. ...involve a strength check to open the door. ...force you to roll dice constantly.

Click here if you don't know who Gary gygax is

"It looks like approval to build a memorial to E. Gary Gygax has been granted in Lake Geneva City. The Gygax Memorial Fund is still taking donations for the memorial that may begin construction as early as later this year. I (like many on /.) spent many years of my youth using Gygax inspired creations as an excuse to socialize, roll dice, and eat chips at impromptu gatherings before computers intruded on the RPG realms."


  1. Yeah, I would totally go there. Unfortunately, I would probably die. Could you go alone? Would you need a party? MAKE IT SO!

  2. *rolls D20* 1 I shall stay at home!


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