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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hes had that bike from start to finish


Roei Sadan maintains he will never live a normal life - or at least it will be his kind of "crazy normal".

The Israeli has spent the past week in Perth getting ready for the final leg of an around-the- world bicycle journey that has so far taken him four years and seen him cross 41 countries.

Having already travelled 58,000km, he is due to leave Perth today with plans to cross Australia and finish his nearly half-decade journey in Sydney in July.

"I needed a challenge and that is why I am here," he said yesterday.

Mr Sadan, 29, started his epic trip at the northern tip of Alaska in July 2007 and has ridden through Canada, down the west coast of the US and into central and Southern America, spending six months in the Andes.

Low points included being hit by a car in Bolivia and robbed at gunpoint in Mexico, losing everything but his trusty bike, but he has battled on.

After arriving in Argentina, Mr Sadan caught a flight to South Africa where be ventured north through Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi and Kenya, catching malaria along the way, before completing the African leg of his journey in Ethiopia.

He has also ridden through Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Greece, as well as Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China.

New Zealand was not on his original itinerary but he arrived in the south island late last year before landing in Australia.

Today he starts his trek across the final continent, setting out for Uluru, then Adelaide, Melbourne and finally the Opera House.

Mr Sadan plans to write a book about his marathon ride once he is home in Israel.


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