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Friday, May 20, 2011

Woman Claimed Wounds Came In Road Rage Incident

CINCINNATI -- A Butler County mother is accused of taking her daughter on a drug buy that ended in a shooting.

Deputies said Delena Rae Rohrig, 27, reported that she was involved in a road rage incident Friday on Interstate 75 at Liberty Way.

Sgt. Jeff Riegert said that Rohrig had been shot in the buttocks and her car was riddled with bullets. Rohrig's 7-year-old daughter was in the car with her at the time.

When deputies investigated, Riegert said details of the shooting didn't add up.

"Some evidence we took from the car wasn't making sense. (It) made the story seem almost unbelievable," Riegert said.

Deputies said Rohrig made the whole thing up. Riegert said after questioning Rohrig again, they learned that she was trying to buy heroin when the dealer shot at her car.

Rohrig was arrested and charged with filing a false police report and child endangering.

"The real disturbing part, which bothered all of us, is that there's a 7-year-old in the backseat of the car. So, not only did she take a 7-year-old to get narcotics, but she put her in a situation to where there was gunfire," Riegert said.

Riegert said one of the bullets narrowly missed the little girl.

"The baby was in the back seat. We have a bullet hole in the dashboard, two in the door and one just behind the door in the lower frame. The one in the back actually did strike the backseat, so you're within two feet of this child," Riegert said.

Rohrig's family said they're devastated and had tried to warn Delena for years.

Riegert said cases in which children are brought to drug deals are becoming all too common.

"Unfortunately, we're seeing it more and more. There's a trend where they get desperate, and if they've got nobody to watch their kids, they take them with them," he said.

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  1. holy crap. I live in Cincinnati(kentucky technically), that is nuts

  2. What the hell man? That's disgusting. Some people need to sort out their priorities.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. What an unconscious mother, I can't believe it, there's some people out there that cannot freely have kids. Take care! :)

  5. starting my morning off on a depressing note ;_; this is so awful though, how do you even explain that to a kid?

  6. At least the drug addict was responsible enough to not leave their kid alone.

  7. she probably tried to rip the guy off too, not many dealers just murder their customers. that lady's a dick

  8. Wow, so i should bring my kids to drug deals? This mom is stupid.

  9. no it wasn't a smart move on my part, I wish I could have been a mother and not a selfish bitch that I was being. The fact is there was an argument between us and he came up beside us after we left and started shooting. The fact is I was being a piss poor mother. I've done my time, been to treatment and have my daughter back in my life. I can say I completely agree with the comments also I can say I'm completely happy with the Delena I am today. My daughter didn't deserve any of the horrible feelings that I MYSELF GAVE TO HER. SHE'S MY HEART AND SOUL.... I know my actions that day make it seem she was the last person on my list.
    Again I was BEING a piss poor mom but, I'm proud,happy and drug free mom today.


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