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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Groupon portraits

"20 of the images will be professionally edited and air brushed" — now I assume this is nothing more than a bit of spot removal and some minor tweaks, because there’s no way you can do a full retouching job as part of a £29 package, and there’s certainly no way you can do 20 of them. So we’ll estimate a super-speedy 5 minutes per picture and imagine that he somehow gets the whole lot done in 2 hours. He’s now on £2.32 per hour.

Anything else included? Yes! You get "one 12×10 framed print, two 10×8 prints, two 8×6 prints, two 5×4 prints, two 4×3 prints, and two 3×2 prints" — a total of 11 prints, with the largest one framed. I’d estimate the absolute rock-bottom price for producing those prints will be £8 plus another £5 for the frame if he’s buying in bulk. That’s £13. That’s more than he’s getting from each client, and he’s got 301 clients to make his way through.


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