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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A man stabbed another with a samurai sword after an argument Saturday night in a north Minneapolis apartment, police said.

A resident had asked two visitors to leave his apartment after a gathering, and when they refused, he tried to stab 51-year-old Michael Lipscomb in the stomach with a samurai sword, police said. Lipscomb blocked the strike with a book bag, according to a police report, but the blade ended up hitting his left elbow.

When officers arrived to the Newton Avenue N. apartment building, they found Lipscomb out front with T-shirts wrapped around his bloodied arm.

Sgt. Steve McCarty said Monday that in his 20 years of police work, he's seen a samurai sword used as a weapon "maybe one, two other times. It's not a common weapon that we see."

The suspect, 36, is being held at Hennepin County jail on probable cause of assault.

At the scene, officers found and inventoried "two swords, one bloody," the report said.



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