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Saturday, May 21, 2011

They think he is insane, just not the kind of insane he thinks he made them think he was.

This is not tony just a very mad man

"I'm Tony," he said. He sat down.

"So I hear you faked your way in here," I said.

"That's exactly right," Tony said.

He had the voice of a normal, nice, eager-to-help young man.

"I'd committed GBH," he said. "After they arrested me, I sat in my cell and I thought, 'I'm looking at five to seven years.' So I asked the other prisoners what to do. They said, 'Easy! Tell them you're mad! They'll put you in a county hospital. You'll have Sky TV and a PlayStation. Nurses will bring you pizzas.'"

"How long ago was this?" I asked.

"Twelve years ago," Tony said.


  1. It's amazing how the justice system works, if you claim insanity and can fake the symptoms, they institutionalize you until you are cured or "cured" then you go to trial again and they evaluate you. You can't actually get a sentence from courts if you're incapable of understanding what's going on.

  2. Now more people are going to try this.


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