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Sunday, May 22, 2011

NY Times article for those that do not know what is going on

Aproximently happened at 6:40 Pm Central Time

EDIT 1 The main hospital was also hit and the top 3 floors were destroyed, chance of the hospital itself exploding because chemical leaks 7:10 PM

EDIT 2 Video was removed. sorry

Edit 3 video with news report 7:20 PM

Edit 4 found what i exactly what i was looking for live stream from the news about joplin, showing damage 7:45 PM

Edit 5 local news says the red cross is responding now and heading that way. if you would like to donate here's the link 8:10 PM

Edit 6 another video local news station feed showing footage off and on 8:30 PM

Edit 7 right now the death toll is at 24, from what they have found. Also from what they believe the hospital is now on fire.Info from local news station 9:20 PM

Edit 8 will began to post pictures found from friends on facebook and from twitter 9:45 Pm - Hospital - Joplin high school -how big of an area that was believed to be hit local grocery store there content/uploads/2011/05/052211joplin_jg10.slideshow_main.prod_affiliate.80.jpg - another view of the hospital - Academy sports in Joplin - truck stop - 20 min worth of video showing damage - found a photo of a street that i've driven down a couple times.. this use to be a complete neighborhood. picture of the tornado itself

Found something really interesting here is the joplin's police department voice chatter.. really shows what type of things are going on there whole album of pictures from facebook joplin's walmart destroyed another angle of the walmart what use to be a home depot slide show of pictures.. some that are already posted here another album of pictures Lowes gone also,0,5014167.photogallery?index=wdaf-pictures-joplin-tornado-20110522-013 another slideshow car wrapped around a pole

Edit 9 11:23 PM helicopter sitting in front of destroyed hospital, not what you would think Entire album on flickr full panorama shot another picture of the home depot ihop

11:41 Pm Whole bunch of hi-def pictures Inside of a Joplin home

12 AM

b2717 posted this and i believe needs to be seen- if you are in the area and what to volunteer to help read this and call the numbers provided

Posted by fatshiteater lol shows a first person perspective of the storm.. the people were in a gas station

1:08 Am

20 body bags were just requested on the police scanner for an apartment complex.. not good


  1. It's a terrible disaster, and no, this has nothing to do with the rapture.

  2. OH f***, what a disaster! but the pics are awesome *.*

  3. that is terrible! so sad! hope everything goes back to normal as soon as possible.

    You can visit my blog here.

  4. Man that blows. Best of luck to everyone there.

  5. This is just so, so sad - watching footage of search & rescue on the news now, wishing them the best of luck...

  6. Thank you for sharing, I shall help in any possible way, thank you really.

  7. Watched this on the news last...really sad


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