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Friday, May 20, 2011


George Takei takes on the Tennessee Legislature and its "Don't Say Gay" bill, in the way only George Takei can!

A bill now pending in Tennessee would prohibit teachers in that state from discussing homosexuality in the classroom. The so-called "don't say gay" law is premised on the misguided belief that, by not talking about gay people, they can simply make us disappear.

George is here to tell Tennessee, and all the LGBT youth and teachers who would be affected by this law, that he is here for you. In fact, he is lending his name to the cause. Any time you need to say the word "gay," you can simply say "Takei."

You can buy T-shirts and other items that say "It's OK to be Takei", to wear and display with pride and to show Tennessee and the world that you're against censorship and bigotry....
All the proceeds from the sales of these items will be donated to charity. Have a TAKEI old time!


  1. I'm not gay but that is stupid. The government shouldn't make the view of gay people that they are bad.

  2. Sorry, too distracted by Mr. Sulu. haha
    seriously though, no one should care about this.
    Im a straight guy with a girlfriend, we both have a few gay friend that we talk to. Its not a big deal.
    We should not care who is gay, they are still people.

    Just don't bust no gay moves on me or i'll knock you out. lol


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