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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Although it seems unlikely that a dog and a goose might be well versed in the scriptures of Confucius, these two creatures and their unusual bond of friendship certainly reflect his principles.

dog and cat1 Dog and Goose: Unlikely Loving Friends picture

This unusual bond of friendship began when the dog rescued the bird after a car had hit it.

The dog and the goose both live with their owner, Yu Yanping at Jiujiawan village in Urumchi, northwestern China. As he watched his pet dog carrying the seemingly dead goose into his back yard, Yu feared the “goose was cooked” as that old saying goes.

But some stories have happy albeit bizarre endings, as it seems the goose had been merely stunned by the impact and after the dog licked the bird lovingly for a little while, it came round.

Since that moment, the two animals have been inseparable.

“They eat from the same bowl and even share the dog’s kennel. And when the goose hears anything, he starts honking – and that starts the dog barking. They are a great burglar alarm,” says Yu.

Although it is an unusual friendship, it is understandable in animal terms. One local vet claimed that after the two have spent so much time together, the dog probably considers the goose part of his pack.

Although no one has consulted the goose, it is likely that he feels the dog is also one of his own ilk even though he looks very different than most of his relatives.

The dog and the goose are friends to the end.

Check out this charming video depicting a friendship between a dog named Bianca  and a goose named Mr. Peabody.


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