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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

British police say a man has died after a safety net gave way during a human cannonball performance at a "daredevil" stunt show in southern England.

Police in Kent said on Monday the show was cancelled after the 23-year-old stuntman died after suffering serious head and neck injuries when he hit the ground.

The incident happened in front of a large crowd during the Easter Bank holiday extravaganza show at the Kent County Showground, in Detling.

Inspector Tony Ball, from Kent police, told the BBC the stuntman was acting as a "human cannonball" when a safety net "failed to engage".

Eyewitnesses saw the stuntman being fired about 15m but the recoil from the massive barrel caused the safety net to collapse.


The stuntman before being launched into the air. (AP)

The stuntman before being launched into the air. (AP)

The 23-year-old

The 23-year-old "human cannonball" stuntman. (AP)


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