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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"In some cases, looking at a living cell under a microscope can cause it damage or worse, can kill it. Now, a new kind of microscope has been invented by researchers from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute that is able to non-invasively take a three dimensional look inside living cells with stunning results. The device uses a thin sheet of light like that used to scan supermarket bar codes and could help biologists to achieve their goal of understanding the rules that govern molecular processes within a cell."

Montage of cells imaged by Bessel beam plane illumination microscopyKidney cell as Bessel beam plane illumination microscopy used to create 3D images of vesticlesEvolution of chromosomes (green) and the Golgi apparatus (magenta) during three stages in ...

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  1. Its incredible what you can do with a microscope. It is like peering into another world when you use a microscope. Thanks again for sharing.


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