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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Li Fuh of Yuanjiang County, Yunnan Province was stabbed in the face during a robbery more than four years ago while working as a cab driver. At the time, the 37 year-old-man was treated at a local hospital where doctors cleaned his wound and gave him disinfectant shots.

xray1 Chinese Man Lives With Blade in Face For Four Years picture

The assailant was later apprehended carrying the broken knife handle but the blade was never recovered. Its whereabouts remained a mystery until Li made a recent trip to the hospital complaining of headaches and a bad taste in his mouth.

An x-ray revealed the shocking location of the blade smack in the middle of his face!

“One day I was carrying a passenger. When we reached the destination he suddenly put a knife to my neck, demanding money. I struggled and was stabbed in the face. The wound healed up gradually and I didn’t have any other symptoms, so I didn’t think of having further checkups,” said Li.

The operation to extricate the blade, which had penetrated his tongue root, muscles and brain, was complex and required four hours.

Li is currently recovering from the surgery, which was performed at Yu Xi City People’s Hospital where doctors agreed to waive some of the costly fees for the operation.

“We were amazed to see such a long blade in his face… And it’s even more amazing to think that the blade had been there for more than four years and the patient was still living without too many problems,” said Doctor Xu Wen.


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