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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

**BREAKING** Explosions Reported At Reactor 2

Edit: Pictures of possibly some of the 50 TEPCO workers pumping seawater into reactors and risking their lives in the radiation Someone translate this page!

Working streams to Japan's NHK TV: Here Here Here Here

Infographic of Updated Evacuation Area

Infographic of Affects of Different Radiation Levels

**How a Reactor Shuts Down and What Happens in a Meltdown - Interactive NY Times Feature

Also, if you are interested in more specifics of radiation exposure/levels, there are some good comments below with great information.

Continuous Status Reports Being Shared Publicly By TEPCO at their website here

Edit: Link to Live Geiger Counter Readings streaming from Chiba The numbers are in ╬╝Sv / h units (microsievert / hour) where .16 is normal.

EDIT: 424PM JST Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary is holding a live conference right now LINK HERE

EDIT: 4:06PM JST Apparently there is a conference by TEPCO happening right now. They have released this document in English giving the current status of the reactors. Trying to find a good stream link. Here is a guy translating the conference live but I can't find an actual stream of the live conference itself.

Edit: 3:30PM JST IAEA: No indication of Japan Nuclear Reactor Meltdown Yet

Edit: 3:24PM JST With 20-30km radius evacuated around the Fukushima Daiichi power plant and a lone army of just 50 workers still pumping seawater into the reactors, we wait in quiet anticipation for any news trickling out from Japan about the nuclear reactor situation. Any news from here on out will appear to come from TEPCO themselves or noticeable explosions/changes viewable from satellite pictures. Meanwhile, Radiation levels increase in Tokyo and elsewhere.

Edit: 2:48PM JST There has been a long silence about the situation at Reactor 2. No information leaking out anywhere as to what is happening there since the explosion. Only new information has been about the fire (now extinguished) at Reactor 4. Kudos to US for their assistance. But what about Reactor 2?

Edit: 2:35pm JST (Japan local time) Above-normal radiation levels have been detected all the way from Tokyo. Not a health risk right now, but just shows the far-reaching implications a worsening situation could have.

Edit: 11:54 CST: A no-fly zone is set for 30km-radius over the Fukushima nuclear plant, the Kyodo news agency is quoting ministry officials as saying (says BBC). [Via OwenKealy]

Edit:1145pm CT Fire has been extinguished at Reactor 4. source

Edit:1037pm CT For clarification, the radial distance from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant people are advised to evacuate beyond is at 30km. Anybody within this radius is told to stay indoors if they cannot evacuate.

Edit: 1015pm CT The link above has gone off air. There is still confusion about whether or not the actual containment vessel has been damaged. But the Prime Minister said there is still a high risk for further radiation leakage. Whether or not this is from controlled released to expel pressure from the chambers or it is from actual damage to the containment vessel in Reactor 2 is still up for interpretation.

Edit: 944pm CT Since the Prime Minister and Secretary's speech, this news channel has been informing the public of how to deal with radiation, things you need to do to protect yourself, precautions to take, Do's and Dont's, etc.. Much emphasis is now on how to protect oneself from radiation exposure. Dangerous levels have been detected now around the reactors (30-400millisieverts near the different reactors) and a fire is currently burning at reactor 4.

Edit: 9:00pm CT - The Prime Minister of Japan will be speaking directly to the Japanese people within the hour. Actually it is happening now.

"Please listen to my message calmly....every possible method has been used to cool down the reactors. However, for reactor 1 and 2, hydrogen have come out causing explosion. Reactor 4 we have seen fire.... and radiation has spread from these reactors. And the readings of the levels seem very high. And there is still very high risk of more radioactive material coming out.."

"....We need everyone from 20km from the power plant 1 to evacuate.....everyone near #2 Power Plant within 10km please move out. We are trying everything we can to make sure further radioactive leakage does not occur. Workers injecting seawater are putting themselves at extreme danger in trying to prevent further leakage." This ends the Prime Minister's speech

Japan's Chief of Secretary (?) now talks

this is an on-the-fly summary of what he is saying, I can't get everything though There is now a fire at #4 reactor. There are no fuel rods in reactor 4, but there are spent fuels there that still emit heat. #4 reactor is currently burning...

1 and #3 reactors....outer containers were blown off. For #4 reactors, things fell into the reactor rather than being exploded out.

With regard to #2 reactor... the explosion occurred roughly 3 minutes after the incident at reactor 4 this morning. A hole was observed in the #2 reactor, so there is little possibility that a hydrogen explosion would occur at this reactor. The inner chamber seemed to be the source of the explosion. A smoke like-stream has been seen coming from the #2 reactor building, but this stream may be hydrogen.

1, #2, #3 reactors -- water injection is still continuing and continuing smoothly. Cooling is effectively done. The next issue is how to maintain this cooling and how to deal with the fire in reactor #4.

All but 50 people injecting water in #2 have evacuated, but the water injection is still continuing smoothly. The issue I am reporting is a however a high concern to you. We ask that you remain indoors if you are beyond the evacuation limits. if you are still within the boundaries, please evacuate further beyond 20km radius. The radiation levels will reduce greatly the farther you go from the plant but still depend on wind directions. Please close your windows if you are staying indoors.

Someone asks: Is there any damage to reactor 2? "There is a very high possibility that some portion of the containment vessel was damaged" the secretary replied.

He says the explosion at reactor 4 could be the cause of the high radiation levels earlier.

Someone asks if the Fire at Reactor 4 is serious and whats its impact is. All he responds is that people are trying to put it out.

This marks the end space of Edit: 9:00pm CT

Older updates as the explosion occurred can be found here


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