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Monday, January 24, 2011

A bomb attack at Moscow's Domodedovo airport has killed at least 35 people and injured more than 100 - many of them critically, officials say.

35 Dead, 170 Injured

Death toll hits 35

31 Dead, 131 Wounded, 50 hospitalised (35 serious)

Video of aftermath

“According to RT's reporter at the scene (see live steam):

20 of the 131 injured are still in very serious situations. The baggage claim area, where the blast reportedly occurred, is fairly compact, about the size of quarter of a football field.”

Medvedev (Russian president) orders to step up security after deadly blast at Moscow airport

Domodedovo blast equivalent to 5 kg of TNT

Link to RIA - Russia's state-run new agency - They're saying 31 dead, 130+ injured.

Reuters now reporting 31 dead and 100+ injured.

130 injured according to reuters.

At least 23 people were killed and 100 wounded Monday in a suicide blast at Russia's busiest airport, Domodedovo, Russia's state-run news agency reported.

Unofficial sources said that the explosion occured at the international arrivals hall at Domodedovo, while other reports said the blast happened in the baggage check-in area.



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