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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A TEENAGER killed in the Toowoomba flood has been hailed a hero after he told a Good Samaritan to save his younger brother first, minutes before he and his mother were swept away.

Toowoomba flash food

The devastating flash flood in Toowoomba. Picture: Facebook Source: Supplied

Jordan Rice

Jordan Rice, 13, and his mother Donna died after they were sept away by floodwaters in Toowoomba. Jordan told a truck driver trying to save him to save his brother first. Source: Supplied



other events just to name a few

1. A four-year-old boy, was wearing a flotation jacket when he fell out of a rescue boat and was swept away:

2. Another toddler was pulled from his mothers arms due to surging water:

3. Pizzaboxpackaging of reddit said this

Saw the guy who saved the kid being interviewed on the News. Seeing him tell the story of how he just couldn't save the other 2, and how the little kid was begging him to go back and rescue his mother and other brother, despite the fact they'd already been swept away. It was the most gut retching thing I've heard.

To make you all feel better, this is a story I read yesterday about a person being saved in the Toowoomba flash floods: A lady was driving her car when it got caught in the flash floods (it was almost a literal wall of water). She crawled out and got onto the roof. Water was getting stronger and it looked like it was about to flip. A truckie saw her, got into his semi, drove it into the flood waters, parallel to her car so it would stop her car from slipping too far. He gets a rope, ties it to his truck, climbs over to her through the water, and manages to get her back into his truck.

There's just so many stories coming out of shit like this happening. I think we're up to 13 dead right now (40+ confirmed missing, and another 20 feared dead), and you just can't help but feel this number would be so much higher if it weren't for people deliberately putting their lives on the line to do shit like this.”


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