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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jailbreaking gives waaaaaay more freedom to you regarding software but it removes your warranty because apple are assholes(as in losers retarded capitalist scum)

Folder of extras and mirror for below

and extras can be found here mostly crap stuff though

Ipad, download, rapidshare, hotfile, mediafire, free, programs

Plants.vs.Zombies HD


Photo-Sort 2.0.1

Airshareing (usepad as hardrive)

Airdisplay 1.2.2

Civilization Revolution IPA 2.2.7

Alice for iPad

Field runners for iPad

Flight control HD

Labyrinth 2 HD

Pinball HD

Plants vs Zombies HD

Real Racing HD

Sketchbook Pro for iPad

Weather HD

Worms HD

Analytics HD

Photogene for iPad

Colorful Aquarium for iPad

True Backgammon HD

Red Alert for iPad

Tetris for iPad

Uno HD

Virtual Pool HD

Angry Birds HD

Scrabble for iPad

Game Table for iPad

Spider Solitaire HD

Bento for iPad

iTeleport for iPad

Shrek Kart HD

Duke Nukem 3d SE for iPad

Magic Piano

Need for Speed Shift for iPad

Glow Hockey

Office HD


Small World

Asphalt 5 HD


Space Station: Frontier

Air Harp

Drum Kit XL


Layers Pro

Korg iElectribe

Poker HD

Geometry Wars: Touch

iWork for iPad



Pianolo HD

Cogs HD

Numba HD

Air Video ver. 2.2.2

Battle for Wesnoth HD

Zen Bound 2 for iPad

Let’s Golf HD

Pianist Pro

Print Magic HD

Wordbook XL

MOdern Combat: Sandstorm HD

F1™ 2010 Timing App – Championship Pass

Soosiz HD

Air Sharing HD

At Bat 2010

GoodReader 2.7.7

Construction Zone HD


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