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Friday, December 31, 2010

People throughout the flooded areas are mostly well prepared and calm. Raised houses are not uncommon. While shockingly large, many people are familiar with flooding.

The flooding is the product of our wettest spring/summer ever. With rainfall up-to 6 times the average. This is only a temporary respite however, as most of the country remains in drought, ironically due to our hottest/driest decade ever. Western Australia is currently experiencing a Cyclone and the south is currently experiencing a heatwave and snow (yes, you read that right).

Latest Update (1/1/11): The city of Rockhampton with a population of 75,000 is currently being flooded. The CBD is approaching 9 metres depth. Forced evacuations are currently underway via air. Road and rail are cut off. The military has been called in to deliver aid to cut off areas.


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