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Monday, November 22, 2010


A patient at Liverpool Hospital after the shooting. Photo: Channel Ten

POLICE shot two men, one fatally, after what is believed to be a failed armed robbery of a pub in Bankstown last night.

Two men with machetes entered the High Flyer Hotel in Marion Street near Bankstown Airport last night and threatened the bar staff.

When police arrived about 8.40pm they shot both the men – one was killed instantly, the other was injured and was taken to Liverpool Hospital, where he was in a stable condition.

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Police are searching for a third man who they said left the scene in a vehicle.

A witness said the police were in plain clothes.

"All of a sudden there was yelling and screaming going on, and all the women that were sitting at the table ... [were] all upset and said, 'The place is being robbed, the place is being robbed'.

"The next minute the doors burst open and I saw the policeman come in with his gun drawn and he was calling out 'Everybody down', screaming out ... [we heard] three or four gunshots and everything just went quiet. It was all over."

A second witness, who was visibly shaken, said there were "quite a few people" in the pub and they "scattered" when the men came into the hotel.

He said the men's faces were covered with balaclavas and they had machetes.

Police established a crime scene and were speaking with a number of witnesses. After the shooting many of the pub's patrons milled around the car park.


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