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Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Hi. I'm on my way home now, but I might be a bit late because the road has turned into some sort of transparent liquid."

This was her second time being arrested for drunk driving in 3 years. how does she still have a licence?

OCEAN CITY, Md. -- Police said a 23-year-old Delaware woman who was allegedly driving drunk careened into a bayside canal, sinking her car, and would have drowned if a bystander hadn't rescued her.

"She said, 'Dude, I'm gonna kill you -- you broke my car.' I said, 'Darling, you gotta get out, or you're going to die,' " Sullivan said.

According to charging documents, Ocean City Police Pfc. Pat Flynn was taking her back to the police station when she told him, "If you drop me off here, I'll give you $20 ... I'll pay you anything, just let me go."

She offered increasing amounts up to $200 in exchange for her release, police said. Police also charged Vanderhook with attempting to bribe a public official.

Vanderhook is scheduled to face her charges Dec. 16 in Ocean City District Court. Court records show Vanderhook was also charged in 2007 with drunken driving in Ocean Pines. She pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while impaired, paying $458 in court costs and fines.

Taylor Cole Vanderhook

Taylor Cole Vanderhook


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