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Sunday, November 7, 2010


This is so disturbing! An Australian mother got her 5-year-old son drunk! Luckily, his dad called the ambulance in time and now the mom has been jailed for eight months. Is that enough of a punishment?

Some people just shouldn’t be parents. Kylie Eastwood is one of those people. The 36-year-old from Moe, east of Melbourne, Australia, is heading to jail after she allowed her 5-year-old son to consume numerous shots of homemade grappa in 2008. “He likes his alcohol,” the mother-of-six said.

According to the boy’s father, Kylie returned home from a visit to a friend’s house where she received a bottle of the home-brewed grape brandy. A few minutes later he caught his little boy drinking it. “I walked into the kitchen and saw my son with a shot glass to his lips,” he said in court.

The dad quickly took the bottle off the tot. But before long he heard Kylie “woo-hooing” in the kitchen. When he went to investigate, he discovered the kid drinking more shots as his mother cheered him on. “He likes his alcohol and asked me for a drink, and I told him, ‘Well OK, just one,’” says Kylie (who has six children to four different fathers).

HollyMoms, tests on the grappa showed that it contained 44 percent alcohol! Luckily for the little boy, his dad acted fast and called the police and the paramedics. At the hospital the boy underwent tests that showed he had a blood alcohol level of 0.09, and police believe he consumed between four to six shots of the potent booze. In American 0.08 will get you arrested for driving under the influence.

Officer Sonia Cummings, who arrived on the scene, says that the little guy was so drunk he was “making grunting noises” and walking into walls. How horrible! Kylie Eastman should be ashamed of herself. “At the time I didn’t see the severity of it but I tell you what, the next morning I did,” she says. Too little too late. That’s the kind of logic that college kids use after a night of partying on Fraternity row, but it’s wholly upsetting to hear it coming from a mother who should definitely know better than to give her little boy shots. I have a feeling this tyke won’t touch booze until he’s legal, after this experience.

Kylie originally plead guilty to reckless conduct endangering serious injury and failing to protect a child from harm and was sentenced to five months in jail. But she changed her plea to not guilty after prosecutors appealed her sentence on the grounds that it was inadequate.

Kylie is required to serve at least five months before she is eligible for parole, but reports don’t reveal whether she is losing custody of her six children.


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