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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Chinese deer in Weihai, northern China’s Shandong province poses a somewhat awkward dilemma for Alcoholics Anonymous whose commendable work is limited to those among us who walk on two legs and drink too much.

deer 1 Can Deer Develop a Drinking Problem? picture

The deer does not reside in an animal sanctuary, but rather at a resort where has developed a penchant for lager that was discovered last November. A woman working as a waitress at the resort’s restaurant, found the telltale evidence of a “one for the road” party when she was cleaning up.

“I saw a bottle of beer was still half full so I playfully passed it to the deer. Unexpectedly, it bit the bottle … and drank all the beer in one shot… To begin with, it was half a bottle but now it is several big bottles in a row. Her daily feed is around two bottles. I don’t know what her maximum appetite is, though we once tried giving her four bottles and she drank them all,” says Zhang Xiangxi.

Whenever there is any leftover beer in the restaurant, she feeds it to the deer who has become a local party animal (and needs only a party hat to complete the picture).


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