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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

on the suffering of drivers stuck in a 11day gridlock

It all started when the Beijing-Tibet Highway was shut down for repairs on August 13th. Disgruntled truck drivers detoured over to the National Expressway 110, causing what soon became a gridlock like no other.

The traffic now covers over 62 miles and includes hundreds of bored, stranded drivers; the remnants of auto accidents galore; and a slew of abandoned or broken-down vehicles. During a good day, a driver might be able to move his or her vehicle a bit over a mile—though even that is an unlikely scenario.”

Neverending Traffic Jam Chinas Neverending Traffic Jam picture

TrafficJam2 Chinas Neverending Traffic Jam picture

TrafficJamVendors Chinas Neverending Traffic Jam picture


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