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Friday, August 6, 2010

In what many telecommunications scholars and sociologists are tentatively referring to as "the saddest forum post in the history of all mankind," Blizzard recently informed World of Warcraft players on the Moon Guard server that moderators would now be patrolling the server for ... erotic role-playing. Particularly in one in-game town, Goldshire, which appears to be a non-stop, Bacchanalian festival of delights of the virtual flesh and oh man, that's the creepiest thing we've ever typed.

Blizzard customer service reps will now "regularly" keep an eye on the town's public chat channels, privately punishing players who violate the game's harassment policies. We can't wait to hear about some of the super awkward /Tells this enforcement will lead to. "Dear Razorbladez, please stop trying to have cybersex with that level 2 Paladin. That is very, very gross."


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