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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good Morning America was supposed to air a follow-up today to yesterday's report on 11-year-old cyberbullying victim Jessi Slaughter. It got spiked. Why? For one thing, a harassment campaign by 4chan users discouraged GMA's cyberbullying expert from going back on.

4chan's  /b/ messageboard has been in an uproar over Good Morning America's coverage of the Jessi Slaughter saga that 4chan helped launch. After GMA's resident cyberbullying expert, lawyer Parry Aftab, appeared on the show to discuss the case, 4chan users targeted her for a harassment campaign similar to the one they've waged against Gawker. They shut down Aftab's websites— and—prank called her, vandalized her wikipedia entry and after flooding google and blogs with "Parry Aftab Arrested for Child Molestation"  it became the number one search term on Google trends

Parry Aftab Rumors Completely Untrue; Result of Malicious Attack

Heres information if anyone wants to contact her


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