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Friday, June 11, 2010

  1. Batman can't lift his costume over his stomache like that. It's made of Kevlar.

  2. Batman can't breathe on the moon.

  3. The sun is illuminating half of the back side of Earth.

  4. The sun is too large. If it's supposed to be a red sun, then Superman should have retired the uniform and it should engulf Earth.

  5. Superman is pressing up against Batman to hear the baby. He has super hearing and should not need to do this.

  6. Batman no longer wears his logo like that.

  7. Batman wouldn't even bother being Batman if he were pregnant. Notice the lack of utility belt? He's not prepared to do superhero work.

  8. Batman is a man.

  9. Batman's breasts are not swelled.

Missing anything? other then the fact i stole this from reddit i try to always source where i get things that's more then 90% of blogspam you get


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