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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First off mount as a hard drive once you have plugged the phone into your computer. click and drag the file named HTCSync_2.0.28 across to your hard drive and run this lets you synchronize between your phone and computer and install programs you downloaded for it from your computer onto the phone (saving you from using from your monthly download limit from the phone)

here is a link to some how-tos

How-tos (71)

And a link to some programs to start you off

HTC programs

also go to market and download ‘Advanced task killer’ so you can easly close unused applications so they do not use up unnecessarily from your battery

(To everyone that has bought the phone with internet access and gone to Optus you will need to set up your internet to do this press Menu >setting> wireless & networks >Mobile networks > Access Point names Press Menus click New APN

Name it ‘optus internet’, APN name it ‘internet’, Make sure MCC is 505, MNC is 02 and then press menu and save now click optus internet and wait till the green dot shows Congrats you now have internet access)


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