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Sunday, April 4, 2010

using the SC2ALLin1 launcher and Strategy AI 0.33.

  • Install a torrent client (uTorrent works well)

  • Download the Starcraft 2 Beta client which can be found here. Warning: This file is 1.6 GB

  • Install Starcraft 2 Beta to your directory of choice. Default is good

  • Run Starcraft 2 from the official shortcut as many times as you have to until it stops nagging you to update.

  • Download SC2ALLin1 Launcher. Alternate link.

  • Install SC2ALLin1 launcher to directory of choice. It is very important that all of the files in this launcher are installed inside the SC2ALLin1\ folder. Do not mix crack and official files!

  • Download and extract the map files. (I recommend creating a Maps folder inside the SC2ALLin1 folder).

  • Run the SC2ALLin1 shortcut as admin to avoid any permissions issues. You'll get an error about not having maps. Click on the "Installed Maps" tab on the right side if it isn't already selected. Click "Add Maps from Folder" and browse to the Maps folder from the previous step.

*Select a map, difficulty, speed, game type, number of opponents, race, color, starting location and team. (or just leave it default)

You can now click Launch to enjoy Starcraft 2 Beta versus Starcrack AI 7.0 (the included AI) but if you want a real challenge:

  • Download and extract Strategy AI 0.3. Here is the Alternate link

  • You'll get two files. Rename them. I suggest renaming them to: StrategyAI03.cheat.SC2Data and StrategyAI03.nocheat.SC2Data. The cheating one has full map vision and double minerals per crystal. The semi-cheating only has full map vision.

  • Copy these files to your SC2ALLin1\ folder.

  • Start the SC2ALLin1 launcher (as admin) and click on Game Options. Select "Update A.I." from the Difficulty dropdown list. Browse to the Strategy AI file from the above step and click Save Changes. You'll now have a rather capable AI on your hands.


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