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Friday, April 30, 2010

MTX is just using a torrent to download the game, but their client is setup weird and is slow for people. Here's their official torrent file they're using, you can open in whatever torrent client you usually use. once it's finished just open MTX, and go to File->Open .mtx.

Also, MTX seems to hang up some times randomly. If it appears to be frozen or not doing anything, just close it an reopen.

EDIT: Here are the torrents for the two latest patches, bringing it up to date. These are much smaller though so MTX might be fine for them. But if you want:

Second edit, once you've "opened" the file in MTX, it will copy it to where it wants it. You might need to click install on MechWarrior 4 from the Games Available tab for it to actually start installing it.

 I think that << CONTENT BLOCKED: Detection flags: Criticism_of_authority;free_speech;animals_sexual_acts;> >

"It seems the Australian federal government is being forced to delay the introductionof its proposed and much-hated, much-maligned Internet filter. It willnot be introduced in the next two sittings of parliament, whichrealistically delays it until after the next election. News onwithdrawing the filter, which was a promise from the previous election,has disappointed lobbying groups such as the Australian ChristianLobby."
the glasses have a mosaic of dots on the outside of the glass that can somehow can detect specific liquids. These dots then spell out the type of drink you have in the glass.


Still a concept device sadly and cant be ordered yet

[ Damjan Stankovic - Cipher Drinking Glass Concept ] VIA [ I New Idea Homepage ]
Space invaders had it first :P

"it's not just about effect, it's about access. In Bodycount,you can blow chunks out of thinner interior walls, allowing you toburst through and catch enemies by surprise. You can also brilliantlymodify cover objects – if you're hiding behind a crate and want to takeout enemies without popping up from behind it, shoot a hole in it.Bingo, you've got a comparatively safe firing vantage."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Armand Amar
Info ---> 320kbps ---> 152MB

Track List:
01. Home Part 1
02. Home Part 2
03. Home Part 3
04. Home Part 4
05. 0 (Take from ''La Jeune Fille Et Les Loups'')
06. Life 1
07. Take The Earth
08. Toll Of Toil
09. Black Gold
10. Chemical Food
11. Feed Lots
12. Overproduction
13. Whales
14. Murderous Catch
15. Dubai
16. The Dead Seas
17. Faster And Faster
18. Epi
19. Life 2
20. Wasteland
21. Rake The Forest
22. The Desert
23. Fire
24. Cum Dederit


All of the videos have been edited and uploaded already, find them at
Broadcasting at / - Commentary by Sean "Day9" Plott and Blake "Chill" Muzar.
Here are the matchups between and Team Evil Geniuses (?-Random, Z-Zerg, P-Protoss, T-Terran) [2:3] Evil Geniuses
Game 1: TL.Drone (? - Norway) [0:2] EG.Louder (T - USA)
VOD Both Maps:
Game 2: TL.TheLittleOne (? - Germany) [2:1] EG.iNcontrol (P - USA)
VOD Map 1 (Lost Temple):
VOD Map 2 (Blistering Sands):
VOD Map 3 (Kulas Ravine):
Game 3: TL.Nazgul (P - Netherlands) [1:2] EG.Machine (Z - USA)
VOD Map 1 (Lost Temple):
VOD Map 2 (Blistering Sands):
VOD Map 3 (Kulas Ravine):
Game 4: TL.Jinro (T - Sweden) [0:2] EG.Inka (P - USA)
VOD Map 1 (Kulas Ravine):
VOD Map 2 (Blistering Sands):
Game 5: TL.NonY (P - USA) [2:1] EG.Lz (T - USA)
VOD Map 1 (Lost Temple):
VOD Map 2 (Blistering Sands):
VOD Map 3 (Kulas Ravine):
Friday, April 16, 2010
Amanda claims a fall from her balance board damaged a nerve and has left her suffering from persistent sexual arousal syndrome

 "Single Amanda, 24, from Harpurhey, Manchester"

She won't be single for long. how about we shine a price scanner in her face! That's the cure then she'll be horny *and* talk dirty all the time. :-D

South Carolina man has used his fishing powers for evil by trying to catch something from a night deposit box. Fortunately for First Citizen’s Bank, his deposit bags got away. From the article: "Employees of the First Citizen's Bank on Columbia Road told investigators that when they retrieved the night deposit bags from Thursday's drops, they discovered one bag sported a fishing hook. Some fishing line dangled from the hook. Two more hooks were found in the deposit box along with a putty-like substance that may have been used in lieu of a fishing weight, investigators say. The bank's security tape shows an individual outside the bank at about 4:29 a.m. Friday."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

using the SC2ALLin1 launcher and Strategy AI 0.33.

  • Install a torrent client (uTorrent works well)

  • Download the Starcraft 2 Beta client which can be found here. Warning: This file is 1.6 GB

  • Install Starcraft 2 Beta to your directory of choice. Default is good

  • Run Starcraft 2 from the official shortcut as many times as you have to until it stops nagging you to update.

  • Download SC2ALLin1 Launcher. Alternate link.

  • Install SC2ALLin1 launcher to directory of choice. It is very important that all of the files in this launcher are installed inside the SC2ALLin1\ folder. Do not mix crack and official files!

  • Download and extract the map files. (I recommend creating a Maps folder inside the SC2ALLin1 folder).

  • Run the SC2ALLin1 shortcut as admin to avoid any permissions issues. You'll get an error about not having maps. Click on the "Installed Maps" tab on the right side if it isn't already selected. Click "Add Maps from Folder" and browse to the Maps folder from the previous step.

*Select a map, difficulty, speed, game type, number of opponents, race, color, starting location and team. (or just leave it default)

You can now click Launch to enjoy Starcraft 2 Beta versus Starcrack AI 7.0 (the included AI) but if you want a real challenge:

  • Download and extract Strategy AI 0.3. Here is the Alternate link

  • You'll get two files. Rename them. I suggest renaming them to: StrategyAI03.cheat.SC2Data and StrategyAI03.nocheat.SC2Data. The cheating one has full map vision and double minerals per crystal. The semi-cheating only has full map vision.

  • Copy these files to your SC2ALLin1\ folder.

  • Start the SC2ALLin1 launcher (as admin) and click on Game Options. Select "Update A.I." from the Difficulty dropdown list. Browse to the Strategy AI file from the above step and click Save Changes. You'll now have a rather capable AI on your hands.

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